We make your mobile assets and goods visible, no matter where in Europe

Asset-Tracking possible from approx. 0,10€ per load carrier and day!

Tracker, cloud services, connectivity, web platform and mobile APP included


The asset trackers of 4smartlogistics are the perfect tool to actively track your assets and to keep an eye on your container pool across locations without much effort. With the intelligent cloud platform, you always know exactly where your assets are. Thanks to smart digital twins you can access real-time data online on the web platform at any time. For an even more comprehensive overview, you can additionally integrate your own information into our powerful platform via the 4smartlogistics app and thus manage all container information collected in one place.

The asset tracker provides real-time data on location, route, battery status and shock values at a glance. Stock levels and quantities can also be recorded without effort, optimising logistics processes. In addition, you can locate your industrial containers at the various locations and thus optimally schedule them into your processes.

Our asset trackers are used, for example, to determine the location and route of any transport racks and containers or they are used to report arrival times.

How you can Benefit from our Asset-Trackers

Tracking of location and condition of your container fleet

Route tracking of your container pool in real time

Seamless data transfer to the cloud platform

Alarm and push notification when deviating from the route

Container management has never been easier!

With the intelligent trackers of 4smart, you stay in touch with your assets and load carriers at all times - whether on your factory premises or during transportation. You have access to precise information about the current condition of your products at any time and across locations. Moreover you can always keep an eye on them as digital twins via our powerful platform.

You can use the data generated by the trackers as digital control parameters to effortlessly optimise your logistic processes and your container fleet. Therefore our trackers record all important movement data and send automated push notifications by mail or SMS as soon as the assets reach or leave a previously defined zone, for example.


Tracker as protection against theft


The asset tracker not only helps you track your assets and industrial containers in transit, but also provides theft protection. Thanks to seamless real-time location monitoring, you can continuously track where your assets or containers are. In the event of theft, your load carriers can be located quickly.

Tracker with powerful platform and user interface inclusive


The 4smartlogistics trackers convince as a full package solution with a powerful platform including a user interface for desktop and app. In order to optimise your logistic processes even further and thus increase operational efficiency, data from other systems can also be made available via Rest API interfaces. This enables you to  keep an even better eye on your goods and assets. Verifications and reports can be downloaded and saved for consultation at the touch of a button.

In the warehouse, picking industrial bins and containers is simplified even more thanks to the Android and IOS compatible app. The QR codes attached to the trackers can be scanned with the Zebra device, for example, and possible errors can be prevented in this way. Via the QR code, important data can additionally be linked to the containers, which can later be taken in the platform.

Via the secure NB-IoT or 2G network of Telekom, you stay connected to your assets throughout Europe.

Reduce manual effort and save time and money


Container management and monitoring of your assets is an automated alternative to conventional data loggers. This enables you to take the next step in the digitalisation of your logistics. The scheduling and use of your industrial containers becomes safer and significantly reduces manual efforts and error rates.

Technical Data

Temperature measuring rangeAccuracyOperating temperatureDimensions Device (L x B x H)Battery lifetimeHumidity
-27 °C up to +80 °C+/-2 °C-27 °C up to +70 °C118mm x 57mm x 27mmUp to 6 years5%- 85%

The functions of Tracker and the associated platform at a glance

Visualisation of your logistics processes on desktop and app

Automatic sending of warning messages

API to internal systems

Automated PDF reports for data backup

Individual creation of workflows

Shapable geofences

Smart Asset Label Tracker

Monitoring of shock value, temperature, route, location & container inventory

Europe-wide tracking in the NB-IoT or 2G network of Telekom

Areas of application for the Asset-Tracker

Use as protection against theft and shrinkage

Use for warehouse and supply chain management

Use in object and facade construction

Use in automotive industry to control the container pool

Benefit from the advantages of our trackers

Our intelligent trackers including the cloud platform can make your logistic processes even more efficient.

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