Dangerous goods tracker for smart monitoring of the conditions of dangerous goods in logistics

Dangerous Goods-Tracking already from approx. 0,28€ per load carrier and day!

Tracker, Clouddienste, Konnektivität, Webplattform und Mobil-APP inklusive

Tracker for dangerous and sensitive goods

The tracker for dangerous and sensitive goods of 4smartlogistics are the optimal solution to monitor your dangerous goods at any time and across locations. Using the powerful platform included, you can keep an eye on your goods in real time thanks to digital twins and access and save important data. To increase operational efficiency even further, you can quickly and easily enter information about goods or customers into the cloud platform using an app and have all data at a glance. The dangerous goods tracker permanently monitors the condition of your sensitive goods during storage and transport, providing seamless real-time data on location, route, battery status, temperature and shock levels. This continuous monitoring of your dangerous goods transports enables a secure supply chain and promotes your end customers' trust in you as a supplier. You benefit from our tracker solution especially when transporting foils or lithium-ion battery cells, as well as sensitive goods and substances with special chemical or thermal properties.

How our dangerous goods trackers optimize your delivery processes

Alarm and push notification when critical values are exceeded

Tracking of location, temperature and condition

API connection to own systems possible without any problems

Generation of real-time data for smart supply chain management

Detect hazards early and avoid damage

When transporting hazardous materials, compliance with all prescribed condition limits is essential. In order to be able to ensure delivery processes and the quality of the goods in the best possible way, continuous localization and monitoring of the route is also essential. The alternative to conventional data loggers enables seamless and continuous monitoring of sensitive goods.

The intelligent system behind the tracker sends automatic alerts by e-mail or SMS as soon as, for example, a defined value is exceeded or a predefined zone on the transport route is passed. Through such automated push notifications, early action can be taken and dangers to people and the environment can be avoided.


Sustainable, smart supply chain management

Sensitive goods can lose their material properties once a certain limit value is exceeded, are no longer usable or, in the worst case, have to be disposed of.

The dangerous goods tracker of 4smartlogistics is optimally suited to counteract the loss of goods. By permanently monitoring the dangerous goods in the cloud in real time, the temperatures, and shock values can be monitored precisely. This exact measurement data offers you the possibility to identify and realize savings potentials and quality-assuring measures.


Tracker solution with a powerful platform


The dangerous goods tracker from 4smartlogistics is delivered as a fully comprehensive package, including online platform and user interface for desktop and app. Via the powerful platform, real-time tracking of your dangerous goods transport is child's play and measurement data on temperature and vibration can be read out and saved quickly and easily. In addition, a variety of reports are available to you, which can be used as proof for quality management through customizable reports and automatically shippable documents. To further optimize your logistics processes, you can integrate your own data into the platform via our app and further increase the security of the supply chain.

In the warehouse, important data can be linked to the attached QR code via the Zebra input device thanks to the Android and IOS compatible app. The use of the NB-IoT network enables secure and area-wide transmission of measurement data from warehouses and enclosed spaces.

Reduce manual effort and thereby save time and money


Route and shock value monitoring during the transport of dangerous goods using NB-IoT trackers from 4smartlogistics is the smart and automated alternative to conventional data loggers. It makes the monitoring of your sensitive goods even easier, safer and thus reduces effort and accident susceptibility to a minimum.

Technical data

Temperature measuring rangeAccuracyOperating temperatureDimensions Device (L x B x H)Battery lifeHumidity
-27 °C to +80 °C+/-2 °C-27 °C to +70 °C118mm x 57mm x 27mmUp to 6 years5%- 85% (no dew)

The functions of Tracker and associated platform at a glance

Visualization of your logistics processes on desktop and app

Automatic sending of warning messages

API to internal systems

Automated PDF reports for data backup

Individual creation of workflows

Shapable geofences

Smart Asset Label Tracker

Shock value, temperature, route, location & container inventory monitoring

Europe-wide tracking on Telekom's NB-IoT or 2G network

Areas of application of the dangerous goods tracker

Use in lithium-ion transport

Use with temperature-sensitive and sensitive goods

Use in foil transport

Use for fabrics with special properties

Benefit from the advantages of our trackers

Our intelligent trackers including cloud platform can make your logistics processes even more efficient.

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