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Off to the island

Current article in the trade journal TK-Report 04/2023

The full-service specialist Transgourmet demonstrates how useful tracking and tracing of logistics processes can be.

As part of a joint project implementation between Transgourmet, GEBHARDT Logistic Solutions and 4smartlogistics, the complex cold chain monitoring of an island delivery across several transport stations could be mapped using smart thermal trackers.The requirements in the area of temperature monitoring have risen sharply in the past. In order to supply customers with fresh and frozen goods while maintaining a secure cold chain, Transgourmet relies on a smart tracking solution that supports their logistics processes in the best possible way. Manual activities to maintain the cold chain are expensive, time-consuming and prone to errors. These are good reasons for food wholesalers like Transgourmet to replace manual checking and recording of temperatures with automated and smart processes. With the help of modern tracking technologies, it is possible to keep track of the location and transport route of individual containers during island deliveries, in addition to HACCP-compliant temperature monitoring. A big plus in terms of supply chain and workflow management, since all data is automatically recorded and regularly sent to the cloud-based IoT platform. This provides Transgourmet with individual reports that can be sent automatically for customer verification. Ensuring a secure cold chain across the transport route is indispensable in food logistics. Transgourmet uses the thermo-tracker technology to monitor the transport route of GEBHARDT insulated containers across several transfer stations and to ensure compliance with a secure cold chain from Bremen to Langeoog. The processes of an island delivery, such as the one on the island of Langeoog, require great expertise and logistics know-how. The trackers from 4smartlogistics have now been in serial use at Transgourmet for two years. The trackers have proven to be indispensable for fresh and refrigerated logistics, which is why Transgourmet will continue to rely on the system in the future and even wants to expand the scope of application of the smart trackers.

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