Spetra Berlin - temperature-controlled truck transport


Spetra Berlin - temperature-controlled truck transport
Spetra Berlin - temperature-controlled truck transport

Cold chain monitoring of truck thermal superstructures for food deliveries of the company Spetra Berlin - Spedition & Logistik Berlin GmbH

Spetra Berlin - Spedition & Logistik Berlin GmbH, a company of the Würfel Group, deals with approx. 100 truck units in refrigerated logistics for various clients from the retail sector.

It is very important to monitor the temperature control of the refrigerated trucks to maintain the cold chain during deliveries.

In order to ensure seamless cold chain monitoring, the temperature of the refrigerated trucks and trailers is monitored and located fully automatically with the help of the 4smartlogistics Tracker TX4.0, and the data is made available to the customer via the NB-IoT network on the 4smartlogistics platform.

With our TX4.0 Tracker, we measure the temperature HACCP compliant, permanently every 5 or 10 minutes as soon as the cooling structure reaches a temperature below 15°C. The recorded temperature data is sent directly from the tracker via the NB-IoT network to the 4smartlogistics platform, where it is available to Spetra as proof for the customer.

Since our trackers are energy self-sufficient, a complex connection to the on-board network is not necessary. This means that our Plug and Play solution can be easily and inexpensively retrofitted to any vehicle or trailer.

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